The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Law Firms Make on Their Websites

Where do potential clients receive their first impression of your firm?

Your Website!

That is why your website should be a top priority and should not be eliminated due to budget cut backs. And great emphasis should be placed on creating an effective, easy to follow and informative website.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. An Impersonal Website: your site needs to reflect the firm’s personality rather than being a generic attorney website. You want and need to stand out amongst your competition.
  2. Internally Focused on the Company Rather than Externally on the Client: to be honest your clients are concerned more with what you can do for them and your reputation and then about your values and mission. Focus on the benefits you offer to entice potential clients.
  3. No Resources that Support Specialty Practice Areas: posting client alerts and articles about your area of expertise helps demonstrate what your firm specializes in and is passionate about.
  4. No Calls to Action: don’t make your website difficult for the client to use. Complicated websites steer users away.
  5. Photos that Don’t Relate to Your Firm: stay away from pictures of the city in which you reside. It’s too generic. Look for images that stand out. And always proudly display your firm logo.

To read more on this topic click here and view the full article by Christina Canright.


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